Netizen 24 CAN: GTA spared worst of spring ice storm but there's still 48 hours to go

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GTA spared worst of spring ice storm but there's still 48 hours to go

The GTA was initially being spared the worst of Ontario’s messy spring storm which was otherwise drenching a large portion of our province with a mix of ice pellets, freezing rain and snow by Saturday afternoon.

The dreaded freezing rain and wind, which can cause trees and power lines to come down and the roads and sidewalks to become skating rinks, was causing power outages in London, in southwestern Ontario, and in a 100-200 kilometre radius around that city.

Still, this storm which began around Oklahoma, drawing a lot of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, was expected to stick around until mid-Monday, and higher winds of up to 50 to 70 km/h were expected to become a factor in the GTA by Sunday morning and cause power outages.

“(It’s) maybe a little bit not as bad as we thought, but not by very much â€" the impact is definitely real,” said Peter Kimbell, Envir onment Canada’s warning preparedness meteorologist on Saturday afternoon.

“As you head southwest from Toronto, you do get into an area, starting above Burlington, where it’s mostly freezing rain (starting Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning). The total amount of precipitation could easily be 50 millimetres and more, and some areas may get as much as 60 or 70.”

The Toronto Region and Conservation Area issued flood warnings, with the brunt of potential flooding expected to take place Monday night into Tuesday morning, and those who can stay off the roads were being advised to do so.

“For the GTA, we’ve already had 10 to 15 millimetres of total precipitation,” said Kimbell. “And a lot of that has been ice pellets. And we expect a reverse trend from ice pellets back to freezing rain gradually, probably beginning overnight or early (Sunday) morning. So by Sunday morning everybody will be in freezing rain. ”

Otherwise, people flying out of Pea rson airport were being told to check the status of their flights, with about two dozen flights delayed or cancelled by Saturday afternoon, and the outdoor Jurassic Park, where fans would usually gather to watch the first game of the NBA playoffs featuring the Toronto Raptors and Washington Wizards inside at Air Canada Centre, was cancelled on Saturday due to the inclement weather.

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