Netizen 24 CAN: Campaign Notebook: Ford juggling scandals, more complaints filed

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Campaign Notebook: Ford juggling scandals, more complaints filed

TORONTOâ€" We’re only on day ten of the provincial campaign but already Elections Ontario is getting buried in complaints.

Tasting blood, the NDP and Liberals are jumping on the Tories and calling for two new investigations into two separate issues. The new complaints are on top of another filed on Wednesday by third-party group Ontario Proud.

Here’s a look at the latest files to land with the elections watchdog:

  • From Ryan O’Connor: O’Connor is affiliated with Ontario Proud, a group backing the Tories, he is accusing a campaign called “Women for Wynne” of being an unregistered third party; saying that Liberal candidates colluded with the third party; and also alleging that “Women for Wynne” is in fact not a third party, in which case O’Connor says that would trigger other violations. The Liberals say it’s a volunteer group that d oesn’t meet the definition of a third-party. The complaint was filed on May 15.
  • From the NDP: the party is calling for an investigation into the fate of customer data that was allegedly stolen from 407 ETR. The National Post is linking the theft to the resignation of the Progressive Conservative’s Brampton East candidate Simmer Sandhu. In his resignation tweet Sandhu called the unnamed allegations “baseless.” The New Democrats filed the complaint May 16.
  • From the Liberals: the Grits are asking Elections Ontario to investigate another damaging story first reported by the Toronto Star. They say a fundraiser attended by Tory Leader Doug Ford broke the rules on several fronts, first through Ford’s attendance, second through the too-high ticket price and thirdly by not disclosing the fundraiser. Ford said he was at the event because he was “misinformed” about its purpose. The Liberals’ complaint was fil ed on May 16.

The latest complaints are on top of others filed between the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives in the last month. Elections Ontario said its policy is not to discuss complaints, including whether they were received.

Ford kicks his feet up heading into the long weekend

For the second day this week Ford only has one publicly scheduled event to attend. He’s making a health care announcement in a riding he’s hoping to steal from the Liberals. Liberal Deb Matthews isn’t re-offering in London North Centre, upping Ford’s chances of a snag.

Ford also only had one public event on Tuesday, which was likely to ensure he wouldn’t step on his own message.

After spending day nine trying to shore up Liberal-held ridings, Premier Kathleen Wynne will spend most of day ten stomping on other people’s turf. Heading into the May long weekend, Wynne is still trailing in third place, according to public opinion polls. She will start the day in the Liberal riding of Spadinaâ€"Fort York, before heading to Progressive Conservative ridings of Simcoeâ€"Grey and Dufferinâ€"Caledon.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath will start her Friday in what should be safe territory for the New Democrats. The party usually eats their competitors’ lunch in Northern Ontario. She will make an announcement in the new riding of Kiiwetinoong and then head to Kenoraâ€"Rainy River.

Her second stop may be in a riding that proves more difficult to hang on to. The NDP incumbent in the riding isn’t re-offering and the Progressive Conservatives have a well-known candidate in former federal minister Greg Rickford.

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