Air Canada: 8 things to know before you fly

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Air Canada: 8 things to know before you fly

Looking to fly Air Canada? Here’s what to know before you book a ticket

If you’ve never flown Air Canada or you’re thinking of booking a ticket again in the near future, here are some important things to know about the carrier:

1. Where does Air Canada fly?

Air Canada and its regional carriers, including Air Canada Express, fly to more than 200 cities around the world. A founding member of the Star Alliance, Air Canada operates in a network encompassing 26 other airlines from nearly 200 countries. If you want to go somewhere, it’s a good chance Air Canada can get you there.

Air Canada flies nonstop to 57 U.S. cities and 91 more in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico and South America.

2. Air Canada’s website has a U.S . & Canadian version

If you just go to and start searching for a flight to buy a plane ticket, you may be in for a shock: You may be on the Canadian version of the website. Sure, you’ll notice if everything’s in French, but even its English site has special offers that may not be available to U.S. customers. You’ll see a box (shown below) that you’ll need to check to see whether you qualify for a deal or not.

3. What to know about Air Canada airfare fees

  • Canadian and provincial sales taxes
  • Foreign taxes, fees and charges
  • An airport improvement fee (levied by various airports across the country)
  • A federal air travelers’ security charge
  • Navigational, fuel or other surcharges

4. What to know about Maple Leaf Lounges

5. What is Air Canada Rouge?

6. What are Air Canada’s baggage fees?

When it comes to carry-on bags, Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express flights allow you one standard bag and a personal item.

For checked bags, your first one will cost you $25. You may qualify for a complimentary baggage allowance based on how much you pay for your airfare, your destination and frequent flyer status. Here are the baggage price details based on fares:

  • Basic and Standard fares:
    • 1st bag: $25.00 â€" $26.25
    • 2nd bag: $35.00 â€" $36.75
  • Comfort and Flex fares:
    • 1st bag: free
    • 2nd bag: $36.75- $40.25
  • Latitude fares:
    • 2 bags free

7. How to find cheap flights on Air Canada

  • Check out Air Canada’s homepage: The airline frequently runs Surprise Seat Sales on its website. These last-minute deals are usually on Air Canada’s homepage.
  • Check out Air Canada’s sale page: The airline has a Special Off ers page on its website, with discounted fares from the U.S. and Canada.
  • Book at least 30 days out: The airline says its best fares are available about one month out, so plan accordingly.

8. If you go: Tips for traveling into Canada

Make sure your travel documents are in order before leaving the United States, that includes making sure your passport is not expired or close to it. You’re dealing with another country so your travel documents will need to be correct. Your name on your identification documents must perfectly match the name on your ticket.

Traveling through Canada doesn’t have to be a hassle. The United States and Canada are part of the Trusted Traveler Programs that allow for expedited entry into and out of their respective countries. Canada uses a program called NEXUS. For the U.S., it’s Global Entry. Learn more about Global E ntry here.

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